Our Value Add Services

Sourcing From China
Why you should consider Merchants International

  • No costs associated with importing until the client proceeds with tooling or an order is placed.  Alternatively, if a company manages importing with internal staff the company must pay salary, benefits, equipment, travel expenses, and work loss due to travel and being in a foreign country.
  • MI manages all aspects of importing to include:
    • Research and development of supply chain
    • Quotations are F.O.B. to client door.  No additional/hidden fees and costs.
    • Tooling, development and prototypes
    • Inspections: MI has inspectors who travel to support our supply chain and projects.
      • Raw material verifications
      • Tooling
      • Prototypes
      • Work-In-Process
      • Finished goods
      • Packaging
      • Container loading
    • Independent Lab Testing (Industrial Standards, UL, etc.)
    • Production at ISO certified facilities
    • All aspects of logistics
    • Duties
    • Customs
    • Taxes and miscellaneous fees
    • International wire transfers
  • Communications: MI Staff manage the communications that are challenging due to language barriers and Time Zones. We are up at 2:00 AM to answer questions and resolve problems so our clients can rest assured things are managed properly.
  • Warranty: MI offers a one-year warranty against defects in manufacturing on all products. This provides an excellent layer of protection to our customers that most foreign manufacturers will not offer.
  • Terms: Most Chinese companies require payment in full prior to shipment. This is managed by Wire Transfers. Foreign companies prefer to work via “Irrevocable Letter of Credit” or “Wire Transfer in Advance of Shipment”. MI offers terms to clients so these International Business Terms do not affect their cash flow.